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Piet Mondrian. Composition no. II, 1913. Oil on canvas. 88 x 115 cm. Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterloo, Netherlands

Mondrian and De Stijl

Exhibition - Painting

Madrid’s Reina Sofía National Art Museum shows works by Mondrian and some of his contemporaries, who strove for a new art moving away from realism and based on relationships between shapes and colours. The journal “De Stijl” was the main publicist of this style and the communication channel among its practitioners.

Mondrian was the founder of this early 20th-century abstract art movement, which found beauty in compositions of colour and line, emphasising the importance of the structure and surface of works of art, and breaking down the boundaries between disciplines like painting, architecture, sculpture, and design.

Painting becomes part of theatre, and artworks can determine the settings where they are shown. The exhibition combines 35 works by Mondrian with 60 by some of his fellow artists in the movement. The dialogue created is similar to that the artist himself consciously sought when exhibiting with his colleagues, reflecting his position in relation to their work through his selection of pieces.

Mondrian and De Stijl

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